THE QUEEN (Stephen Frears)
a quick take by Tony McRae

 If Penelope Cruz does not win the Oscar for best actress, it will probably be due to Helen Mirren, who plays Queen Elizabeth II in Stephen Frears’ THE QUEEN.  Making this picture about a reigning monarch much loved by her people was an audacious move. What Frears has done is to take a crucial event, the death of Princess Diana, and show how it shook the monarchy and the English people to its very foundation.  

This could have been a kind of exposé of the Queen and her family, but Frears and Mirren handle it with great sensitivity.  If you are at all interested in good acting, you must see this movie.   

If you doubt Helen Mirren’s incredible range as an actress, make sure you see the current “Prime Suspect VII” on PBS this Sunday at 9pm.It is the second of a two-part series, but even if you missed the first episode watch it anyway.  Mirren’s Inspector Superintendent Jane Tennyson is one of the great creations in television history.