SWEET LAND (Ali Selim)
a quick take by Tony McRae

This for me is a perfect example of why mainstream American movies are in decline.  Just look at what’s playing right now on our screens.  I’m not saying that these movies shouldn’t be made.  I am saying that they’re being made solely to make money.  So what are the chances of a “small” movie about a Norwegian woman who travels from Norway in 1920 to rural Minnesota to marry a man she’s never met?   

Fagettaboutit, says Mr. Movie Man.   We’re making “Grudge 2” and “Saw III.”  So what do the producers of “ Sweet Land ” do?  They have to scrape and plead and enter their “little” film in festivals in the hope somebody may pick it up.  Luckily, that’s what happened.  And it’s been getting terrific reviews.  As it should.   

This is one of the best movies in town, perhaps the best.  Entertainment Weekly said it has “extraordinary tenderness,” but don’t let that put you off.  It not only nails the time period, but its terribly insightful and funny.  The acting is top notch.  I can’t figure out why Elizabeth Riser who plays Inga isn’t getting plum roles.  PG